The University of Melbourne web presence had grown organically over time to become an unwieldy, ungoverned multitude of websites developed from a vast range of different audience and business needs, across faculties, schools and affiliated organisations.

We created a new business and user focused information delivery model to underpin the strategic phasing of future web development.

A new robust, connected and integrated information delivery model based on an “ecosystem” of sites as well as a new information architecture and wireframes was developed, guided by these recommendations:

  • A consistent interface which meets University brand and subbrand requirements
  • The de-coupling of internal staff and student content and functionality from the public web presence
  • The use of audience knowledge to support University targets and increase user engagement through specialist hubs
  • Opportunities for personalisation and customisation of the user experience
  • Pushing content and data through multiple, integrated systems, channels and platforms
  • Aggregation, central management and syndication of core content across University sites
  • A new focus for information delivery centred on high quality, engaging, compelling content and media in line with international best practice.

As the University continues its efforts to further advance the development of the new web presence, it will do so with a solid basis: an information structure, functional descriptions and page layouts which are rooted firmly in user needs and which have been rigorously tested by those set to benefit from the new approach.