Helping you achieve digital success through best practice user research and design

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User Research

UX research

We are experts at understanding your audience and their behaviour through comprehensive user experience (UX) research.

We uncover your users’ needs so that your user interface, content and functionality create a great user experience.

By applying best practice qualitative and quantitative research techniques and strong analytical skills, we will deliver recommendations and practical actions that will drive your digital success.

Information Architecture


A robust, intuitive information architecture (IA) provides the bones of your digital channel or app.  

Whether your IA needs a tweak or a complete overhaul, we’ll build a structure that gets users to the content or task they want as quickly and easily as possible.

We analyse category labels, search terms and track users’ pathways. We delve into stats, talk to and test online with users to ensure that your site speaks their language and they can find what they need.


UI specifications

Our point of difference is our expertise in turning high quality user research into your site’s evidence-based functionality and features.

Following best practice usability guidelines, we document the requirements and design your user interface (UI) as online wireframes for key pages.

We describe all aspects of your UI design, such as functionality and content types, in clear, illustrated specifications for designers and developers to follow when building your site.


UX testing

User experience (UX) testing gives us rapid insight into the areas of your website or app that users have problems with.

We conduct UX testing of usability and learnability at any stage of development – from the IA, a wireframe concept, or from design to the live site.

We are highly experienced at remote UX testing and moderated face-to-face UX testing with as few as 5 participants or more in-depth testing with 20 to 40 representative participants.



We are a team of highly experienced content creators. We write, edit, optimise content (based on SEO) and design templates for content types.

Our services include performing content audits, preparing content plans, strategies, digital style guides and guidelines, and training staff in online content writing and design.

Using online tools, we ensure smooth collaboration between us and you to deliver content that is both highly readable and usable.



Good governance is the difference between a usable and effective digital presence and a mess.

We develop sound, workable digital governance frameworks for individual websites or intranets, as well as for complex multi-digital channel environments.

By working closely with you, your governance framework will be tailored to reflect your size, specific need, culture and environment.

Our frameworks identify accountability, roles and responsibilities, policies, processes and workflows for managing your digital content or the digital channels across your organisation.