The Study Melbourne website needed to become a highly effective information source and marketing tool showcasing Victoria’s international education industry.

Our solution positioned the Study Melbourne website as an independent, credible and authoritative website for international students and their families.

The Department of Business and Innovation established the Study Melbourne website to attract international students to Victoria, but there was opportunity to increase its competitiveness in the international education industry.

A globally competitive site

To date, Parisfirst has delivered a solution which will position the Study Melbourne web presence at the forefront of international education. The model we have developed involves:

  • The English language Study Melbourne website is established as the core ‘international’ site across all markets for international students with an interest in Victoria.
  • The content strategy provides value-added content and functionality to overcome language and cultural barriers and assist students with making better decisions about their education and lifestyle choices.
  • Market specific websites with LOTE content in priority and growth markets complement the international English language consumer site with a common high level architecture.
  • Consistency of message and information discoverability across the regional market specific sites is ensured through the development of all sites with a common site structure

Through these developments, the resulting suite of Study Melbourne websites will support a new profile for the initiative:

  • The point of difference for the Study Melbourne site is promoted as an independent, credible and authoritative Government site.
  • The Department takes a leadership role in the Victorian international education sector by promoting the core English language website through multi channel, online activities.
  • The dominant Melbourne/Victoria brand and refined messages portray a sense of pride in the quality education and lifestyle being offered to international students in Victoria.