The rental bonds site provides real-time access to information about residential tenancy bonds in Victoria.

The site was well-regarded by agents, but its interface and processes were dated.

The RTBA’s bond site was originally designed for paper processes and lacked important functionality. Although originally well-received, the site now has some critical shortcomings.

Opportunities were identified to improve service delivery to residential tenants, landlords and agents by improving access to active bond information and connecting users to key help topics via the website or smartphone/tablet.

Integrating processes and knowledge

Our business and functional requirements for the RTBA bond site integrates core processes with supporting content.

By providing jargon-free language and a user-focused interface and visual design and hierarchy of information, the site supports novice users while offering shortcuts for more experienced users.

Through research with key users of the site, we also identified business efficiency opportunities for error prevention and remediation. These currently represent a significant cost to the RTBA and cause delays in the bond refund process for tenants.

Usability testing ensured that the site’s processes are clear to each distinct user group and identified additional training and marketing opportunities for the site.


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