The purpose of this project was to test the concept of an electronic marketplace with a selected sample of Victorian employers and training providers – the target end users of the system – to identify their needs, preferences and high level requirements and ensure a solution which achieves the best fit.

The approach for conducting research into the feasibility of an electronic marketplace concept involved:

  • A review and refinement of two questionnaires developed by the Department to test the concept and usability of the concept
  • Conducting 8 telephone in-depth interviews with a selection of employers from regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne
  • Conducting 3 telephone in-depth interviews with representative training providers
  • Analysis of the resulting market research and other relevant research provided by the Department.

Eight criteria were defined as core for an electronic marketplace to be a success and they cover the four key aspects of a user-centred online solution:

  1. The scope of the solution – its purpose, its form, what it seeks to achieve
  2. The level and style of interaction between users of the electronic marketplace
  3. The key functions of the solution – how it will work, what users can do
  4. The type and depth of content the solution should offer its users.

The preferred solution combines a database of structured provider profiles, the ability to advertise training opportunities anonymously, and the ability for training providers to respond online.