We designed a simple but effective Intranet solution designed to increase productivity, achieve business goals and meet the digital needs of staff.

The solution was based on: increasing customisation for users; targeting improvements to key tasks, and integrating collaboration tools into business processes.

The Department of Business and Innovation’s Intranet was available to all staff (including metropolitan, regional and international staff and permanent and contract staff). There had been a shift in the way the department worked, with about one-third of staff working mainly in the field and using mobile devices.

A simple online solution to enhance productivity

Understanding how productivity could be enhanced through the intranet was gained by:

  • Reviewing local, national and international Intranet best practices
  • Understanding the needs of staff through workshops, an online survey and analyzing key data such as Intranet usage and publishing activity.
  • Determining the business needs and strategic drivers through executive interviews.

In addition to identifying how to improve productivity, we proposed that the Intranet be more dynamic, boost organisational learning, and improve staff ownership, by involving staff in the contribution of content, providing more feedback opportunities, and improving the ability to share content and use collaboration tools.