This local council wanted to create an innovative, dynamic and user-focused website. We designed an exciting, interactive and engaging new website that promotes council’s key services, exposes priority information, and enables quick and easy task completion.

The City of Moreland covers 12 suburbs of Melbourne with an estimated resident population of over 150,000 people. The Moreland City Council was looking to redesign their website to be innovative, dynamic and user-focused and drive a ‘self-service’, task-based online and mobile experience.

An innovative online approach for local government

The redesign of the City of Moreland website is based on the following principles:

  • Highly innovative interactive features; for example, a specific ‘toolkit’ for key tasks for relevant sections; mega-menu with integrated tookits; the ability for users to post details of lost pets (including images) and also search for found pets via a ‘virtual pet pound’; the opportunity for community members to consult with council (via, for example, Facebook, email, Twitter, online survey).
  • A sophisticated predictive keyword search and results displayed by type (pages, documents, events, community directory and all).
  • A comprehensive set of page layouts (wireframes) for key page types and selected sub-sites and visual designs for all key pages and sub-sites
  • Detailed functional specifications for all page features, events, consultations, virtual pet pound and search functionality, recommending widgets for faster access to data sources
  • Specialist advice on user accessibility compliance, search optimisation, metadata and site analytics.
  • The integration of social media, consultation tools and multimedia for council to easily and successfully promote events and services, connect and communicate with often hard-to-reach groups, develop networks within the community around specific issues, plan and implement consultations, and deliver services.

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