The Department of Health was looking for an effective online tool to capture, interpret and apply the wealth of knowledge that is being generated by the Healthy Together Victoria workforce.

We developed detailed functional and non-functional requirements that described an accessible, intuitive and effective knowledge system.

Healthy Together Victoria is a state government initiative delivering a comprehensive approach to chronic disease prevention in 12 communities throughout Victoria. The Healthy Together Knowledge System (HTKS) will be a new web-based capability for the diverse Healthy Together workforce to enable knowledge sharing with the department and facilitate better communication, learning and collaboration.

Capturing, interpreting and analysing

We conducted the following activities:

  • Detailed analysis of current tools/checklists/templates in use by HTCs
  • Interviews with internal stakeholders to identify department requirements
  • Interviews with a selection of Healthy Together Community workforces
  • Requirements discussion survey to review and refine the requirements

Thorough analysis of our research enabled us to define the key components for a common, shared knowledge system for the Healthy Together workforce combining CRM-like features, project management and reporting features via an interactive dashboard accessible on web or smartphone/tablet.

The recommended functional and non-functional requirements add value by:

  • Building relationships between activities and data
  • Capturing information and streamlining reporting
  • Supporting local and state-wide evaluation and decision-making.
  • Providing a basis for assessing potential knowledge system products