The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) wanted to transform their paper based L17 family violence referral form to an online portal. The finished product would improve the workflow, functionality and efficiency of the referral process for Vic Police, Child Protection and Funded Agency Services.

Parisfirst was engaged to improve the usability of the third party product.  This entailed:

  • An expert review of the usability of the current L17 application dev build
  • An internal stakeholder workshop to better understand UX design requirements before developing wireframes and a set of requirements to inform the designs:
    • Dashboard
    • L17 Referrals
    • My list
    • Incident details
  • The accepted designs were then tested online with 60 end users for usability. The results of the usability study were very good with a 76%-94% success rate over the 7 scenarios tested.
  • The designs were also tested for WCAG 2.0 accessibility compliance.

Based on these results, amendments were recommended for discussion with DHHS before the designers made final changes to the designs before launch.