As part of the City of Boroondara’s strategic vision for a customer-first approach to service delivery, we designed a user-centric and innovative digital navigation model for a seamless, convenient and empowering online experience for all users.

Underlying the success of this model was the transformation of over 3000 content-heavy pages into approximately 500 pages of succinct, accurate and task-focused content.

Using the topic-based information architecture and content audit from the solution design phase of the project and reflecting our user research, we worked with Content Ark to develop a clear and realistic content development plan and schedule for reviewing, writing, repurposing, migrating or retiring content over a 6-month timeline and in close consultation with subject matter experts (SME).

We also designed content types, wrote editorial and style guidelines, and managed a master mapping document to account for all current content. As content development progressed, we refined the information architecture to incorporate new and repurposed content.

Online content modelling software (GatherContent) enabled us to create content using consistent templates and efficiently manage the workflow and SME review and approval processes. We also developed a controlled vocabulary for SEO and wrote metadata descriptions.

Moderated usability testing of sample content with users measured content quality and usability to confirm and refine our approach and style.

For content population, we developed guides and checklists, assisted with user acceptance testing, migrated the content to the new the CMS, and conducted final proofing and quality assurance.

For the future state of quality content management on the new site, we recommended a content management and governance framework to establish and monitor standards and good practice, enable continuous improvement in use and usability, and create efficient processes that make best use of resources.

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