The Business Victoria Content Research Project was conducted to support Small Business Victoria (SBV) in providing relevant, targeted content more effectively and successfully on the Business Victoria website.

Previous research had found that users find the website hard to navigate and information confusing and hard to understand.

The objectives of this project were to:

  • Find out what information needs businesses had in the past six months and how they sourced solutions. An important factor also was to consider what business looks to government for.
  • Assess the Business Victoria content against these needs to find opportunities for improvement.

The Content Research project comprised four phases:

  1. Research design defining the research audience for recruitment and interview questions for initial and follow-up interviews
  2. Initial interviews with the 24 business owners considered:
  • Where does the research audience go for support and advice?
  • How do they want to receive information?
  • What formats do they like information to be in?
  • How do they use the tools?
  • Focus on general business information needs and associated behaviours, including use of the internet.
  1. Review of the initial interview responses and collation of 24 specific sample packs of Business Victoria content such as web pages, information sheets, templates, web applications etc, as well as selected content from other government and non-government organisations that targeted the specific needs identified in each individual initial interview.
  2. Interviewee follow-up interviews provided in-depth feedback on the targeted samples of Business Victoria content.
  3. Interpretation and Reporting
  • The report outlined key findings in:
    • How do business owners access information?
    • Information needs of business owners
    • How effective is the content?
  • This research also identified four content recommendations providing practical actions for improvements as suggested by business owners and five strategic recommendations to consider as future investment in the Business Victoria site.

Content recommendations

  1. Additions to content
  2. Changes to formats used to present content
  3. Changes to tone and structure of content
  4. Develop new web applications and tools

Strategic recommendations

  1. Conduct longitudinal study of business owners
  2. Provide opt-in follow-up and reminder services using online communication tools
  3. Enhance content through strategic use of technology-enabled content partnerships to improve the service offering
  4. Provide incentives for online transactions
  5. Partner with TAFEs and Universities to promote the Business Victoria website