The Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership – a branch of the Victorian Department of Education and Training – provides quality leadership professional learning for Victorian teachers, principals and early childhood professionals.

Bastow wanted their website to better reflect their branding and positioning and be easier for users to find and apply for their professional leadership development and training offerings.

Our solution was a more dynamic, informative, user-focused and engaging website using their existing SharePoint CMS and enhancements to the visual design.

To understand Bastow’s services, their role in the sector and their needs and expectations, we conducted a series of research activities, including an expert review and analysis of site analytics for the current site, and workshops and interviews with internal stakeholders.

We analysed the research results to inform the development of:

  • a high-level information architecture
  • high-level wireframes and functional specifications for key pages.

To validate the information architecture and web page wireframes, we conducted one-on-one user testing.

After mapping all the existing content to the new information architecture, we edited, rewrote and repurposed existing content in close consultation with the Bastow team. We also identified content gaps and created new content where needed.

The redeveloped website makes finding course information easier and faster, with users able to search based on audience, career stage, date and course type. Information is presented in consistent and structured formats, contextual linking provides multiple pathways to relevant information, such as videos and case studies, and visual design modifications optimise the use of screen real estate.

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