The Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership – a branch of the Victorian Department of Education and Training – provides quality leadership professional learning for Victorian teachers, principals and early childhood professionals.

Over 2 years, Parisfirst provided a variety of communication services in close collaboration with the Bastow marketing team to promote their professional learning courses and activities, including:

  • Communications plan: we developed a detailed strategy for planning and managing the production of case studies, news stories and social media posts, including an SEO plan to address content optimisation on the Bastow website.
  • Communications schedule: we created and maintained an online schedule to plan and schedule regular news stories for the website and posts for social media, aligning with key professional learning dates and events. We also developed a monthly reporting template for all communications collateral, including analytics for social media channels.
  • Guidelines and Protocols for Writers: we developed rules and processes for writing case studies, social media posts and news stories, including a style guide; for managing associated photographs and videos; and for optimising content on the website.

We also wrote regular case studies and news stories and produced short videos to highlight and measure the real impact of Bastow professional learning on student outcomes, teaching practice, pedagogy and leadership capability. In addition, we wrote social media posts to promote courses and events.

In 2015, we wrote and edited all the web content for the redeveloped Bastow website.

In 2017, we contributed to Bastow’s Executive Management Masterclass Series by developing and delivering two highly successful one-day masterclasses for principals on how schools can leverage social media and other marketing techniques to communicate with students, parents and the broader school community.

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