VDWC IA, content and specifications

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The challenge

Victorian Disability Workers Commission (VDWC) is a new independent statutory body responsible for the administration of the Victorian Disability Services Safeguards Act (2018). They needed a website that would educate people about the scheme and encourage disability workers to become registered workers.

Our challenge was to design a website to meet the needs of disability workers, disability service providers and people with disability.


We worked closely with stakeholders to understand the purpose of the new website. We planned and undertook extensive user research with the diverse target audiences, using a flexible and adaptable approach that enabled participation by people with a broad range of abilities.

Once we had developed and tested the information structure and functionality to meet the needs of the three target audiences and the business, we worked with the project team to plan and write the content.


A scalable and inclusive website design delivered:

– a highly usable IA and user interface 
– professional content with a positive focus to speak to the three key audiences
– a set of eight personas to guide future website communications and design
– specifications for future online complaints and notifications forms and disability worker registration functionality.

See the website at www.vdwc.vic.gov.au.


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