VDWC form design and UX testing

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The challenge

Following on from the successful launch of their new website, the Victorian Disability Worker’s Commission required additional functionality. We designed, reviewed and tested the prototype complaint and notification webforms that could be used by disability workers, carers and people with disability.


We designed the content and logic for the complaint and notification webforms based on analysis of our user research and mandatory legislated requirements which the developer then used to build the prototype webforms.

Conducting several expert reviews on the prototype webforms, and working closely with the developers and the subject matter experts to refine the questions, copy, logic and functionality, we then tested the forms with users over three sprints.

Using information supplied to them in fictitious scenarios, user testing participants completed the appropriate form based on their audience profile. After submitting the form, they answered a short questionnaire about the form’s ease of use, including the 10 System Usability Scale (SUS) questions. Participants also rated the form on a content attitude scale. 

Representative user participants were drawn from across VDWC’s audiences and included participants who use assistive technology when reading screens. The forms were tested on desktop and mobile.

I thought it [notification webform] flowed really well.

User testing participant


Our work produced a set of webforms that:

– were simple for users to complete
– captured the required information in an easy to understand and use manner – for both the organisation and the user.

Forms were rated highly by users as “ordered”, “clear”, “helpful” and “concise”. 

– Both forms achieved outstanding overall SUS scores; 93.8 (A+) and 84.6 (A+). 
– Participants found both forms very easy to use
– the complaints form achieved an excellent 92.2 (A+) usability score and a perfect 100 (A+) learnability score

See the new forms at https://portal.vdwc.vic.gov.au/public/home.

score of 100

form input


form logic
and flow