Dairy Australia Biosecurity Builder

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The challenge

Biosecurity plans are an important part of limiting the spread of pests and disease between dairy farms. Dairy Australia needed to create a biosecurity tool farmers could use to create biosecurity plans tailored to their farm, region and business.

The aim of developing a digital tool was to streamline the process for farmers, while also capturing critical data for veterinarians and government departments.


We worked collaboratively with Dairy Australia and Agriculture Victoria, making sure the process was both cost and time efficient. Based on existing user research and stakeholder workshop outcomes, a 5 step process was formulated, each with a corresponding wireframe.

We then tested the new Dairy Herd Health wireframes with 10 representative users from dairy farms and veterinary surgeries in regional Victoria.

Our user testing sprints identified where the product required further content, more clarity with more steps and where users experienced success or confusion with visual elements.

We collated these results into a report, along with detailed recommendations for next steps in the design process.


We distilled a complicated and layered process into a simple, intuitive tool which catered for the diverse user groups.

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