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The challenge

The City of Boroondara’s strategic vision included a customer-first approach to service delivery but the content across its digital sites was too wordy, difficult to understand, out of date, duplicated across sites, and frequently hidden in the deep and unintuitive information architecture. Fragmented processes made it difficult to complete key tasks online.

The challenge was to design a website that was responsive and streamlined, met the needs of all users and simplified digital information and processes.


We started with a comprehensive analysis of the current web environment and analytics data, including an expert review and best practice benchmarking. Robust and in-depth user research was conducted to clearly understand user needs and expectations for the redeveloped website including:

– an online true intent study and survey
– workshops with key stakeholders to identify needs
– focus groups and interviews with real users to identify and find solutions to common pain points.

A comprehensive site audit of around 4,500 web pages measured quantitative data, assessed the quality of sample content, identified gaps and recommended actions for existing content.

We designed and tested (online and moderated):

– a consolidated, single site structure with an information architecture based on priority customer-centric topics
– responsive wireframes featuring multiple navigation options and promoting high-use tasks, information and services
– sample content to measure quality and usability.

We developed a:

– content development and migration plan to guide the content writing and migrating over 6 months with Content Ark
– SEO and metadata strategy
– content governance framework to establish and monitor standards and good practice, enable continuous improvement.

We designed multiple content types, wrote editorial and style guidelines, and managed a master mapping spreadsheet to account for all current content. For content population, we developed guides and checklists, assisted with user acceptance testing, migrated the content to the new CMS, and conducted final proofing and quality assurance.

SO much better than what you had!

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The two year project resulted in consolidation of eight sites into one digital channel with an effective navigation and search providing a consistent and seamless experience for the customer, as well as reducing risk and cost for Council. 

Priority customer-centric hubs, for example ‘Libraries’, ‘For business’, ‘Careers’, and ‘Boroondara Arts’ address customer needs and goals first and foremost.

Improved e-service and self-service capabilities include ‘Near me’ mapping localised information and services, a ‘Customer account’ with more personalised services, and enhanced sharing, collaboration and data exchange capabilities.

Clear and engaging content in plain English enable customers to quickly find information or complete a task online at their convenience instead of sending an email, making a call or visiting a Council office.

Consolidating content across a single digital channel removed the need for duplicate content in different places, reduced customer confusion and eliminated duplication of maintenance effort by Council staff. 

Visit the City of Boroondara site.

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