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Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority public website development and content authorship training

The VCAA website is the key channel for providing information to the organisation’s government and non-government clients and stakeholders, seeing heavy usage with the site accessed on average each year 4 million times by 1.5 million users.

The new website solution broadens the site to meet both the needs of parents and students, as well as the core audience of educators. It moves away from a content-heavy and complex website to a simple, intuitive, searchable digital platform.


Victorian Disability Worker Commission IA, content and specifications

Victorian Disability Workers Commission (VDWC) needed to develop a website that would educate people about the scheme as well as encourage disability workers to become registered workers. The website had to reach disability workers, organisations and people with disability.

We worked closely with stakeholders to understand the purpose of the website. We undertook extensive user research with the different target audiences in order to develop evidence-based wireframes and recommendations for content, labelling and IA, design and functionality.

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